Buy Common Bond Beer to Go

During taproom hours, in addition to selling beer on draft, we also sell our beer to go in either growler or crowler containers (see details below). Please note that beer purchased in growlers or crowlers cannot be consumed on premises.




We have 64 oz. Common Bond glass growlers available for sale or you can bring your own, as long as it is a growler stamped with the US Surgeon General warning label. We won’t fill any other type of container (e.g., no plastic jugs or bottles, covered tubs or buckets, etc.). If you bring your own growler, be sure it’s clean -- we can give it a rinse, but won’t wash or fill dirty growlers.

Note that beer in growlers is fresh and, like dairy or any other fresh product, has a limited shelf life, so don’t let it sit around too long...and definitely not more than 48 hours after opening. Be sure to store your growler out of heat and light, and to wash and dry it out after each use. Follow these few steps and your growler will serve you faithfully for many refills.


Beer with this icon can be purchased in a growler.




You can also purchase Common Bond beer in 32 oz. crowlers (combination of “can” and “growler”), one-time use, aluminum containers that we have on-hand in our taproom. Sealed for optimal freshness and carbonation in the patented Crowler® machine, crowlers preserve beer taste and quality, have a longer shelf life than glass (if stored properly), are portable to locations with restriction on glass containers and are easily recycled. Besides, everyone loves watching the Crowler® machine spin, so why not give it a try next time you’re in the taproom?


Beer with this icon can be purchased in a crowler.

*Fun fact: Crowlers were invented by Alabama native, Auburn alumnus and Oskar Blues Brewery founder, Dale Katechis, in partnership with Ball Container company. Dale’s grandfather founded Montgomery’s own Chris’ Famous Hot Dogs.